Europe 2016 Tour Diary Day 1

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

Started the day at the Brandenburg Gate and doing some touristy things then I made my way over to Budde Music Publishing. It was really nice to put a face to the names on our contract. Stayed and chatted for about an hour and did a little bit of strategizing for mine, TFS and RATS catalog. Be great if some things come to fruition.   

Then I got an email from Hansa Studios about there may be a little bit of time to show me around the studio but they do have sessions going on today so I drove over to test my luck and they were in fact tracking so I couldn’t go in so I did the next best thing – I bought a t-shirt! “Is Bono here? How about The Edge?” I thought I was funny but I was the only one laughing.   

So early morning jet lag = late afternoon nap. I slept in the car outside the club for over an hour. No complaints, it felt good.   

Then I went and played Unterrock in Berlin, small basement style bar with a nice Yamaha PA system. Nice to not have to bring one and super easy to dial in. Small crowd as it was a bit warm in there, probably 25–30 outside listening but only 10 or so inside.   

Play to the folks that are there not the ones that aren’t – that’s my mantra.   

The folks really dug it, they asked me to play a couple of songs twice and I was really surprised that the song that seemed to go over the best was “Nothing needs to be said”, a quiet narrative type of song. I played the Paul Kelly song “To her door” and one guy sang along word for word! Turns out he’s from Melbourne and a giant PK fan. That was unexpected. In the break he and I chatted Aussie music – I told him I would play “Reptile” by the Church for him, he didn’t think I could do it. Afterward he said “That was amazing, you played all the different parts of that song and still made it your own!”   

Was overall a great start to the tour, sold some CDs and the “I <3 Toast” stickers are going over huge. This started a whole conversation about toast and we got back to the flat I’m staying at and we made some amazing raisin toast.   

The tour may have just been renamed “The Toast Tour 2016”